Project Coordination

Our approach

our “From aviation for aviation” approach is our contribution to your project’s success. We take weight off your shoulders (e.g. effective documentation) and ensure a common thread of your pro- jects (e.g. by implementing a project board). as your practiced partner we are aware of all stake- holders and their perspectives in the aviation business and deliver you a unique, integrated project management based on our experience to reach your goals.

  • 1. Prior to the Project

    • clear responsibilities and time-frame
    • Possible blueprints
    • definition of stakeholders and interfaces
    • Setup of management board for successful coordination
  • 2. duringthe Project

    • common thread
    • Helpful mediation across inter-faces
    • Uniform documentation
    • Structure and support
    • content impulses
    • Intercultural management (if applicable)
    • assessment of progress
    • Transfer of knowledge to your team
  • 3. afterthe Project

    reviews and updates after the project is finished for continuous improvement.

Project management demands endurance and structure. often, projects are completed and results are forgotten. no clear, uniform documentation is available and the once defined goal is lost out of sight.