Our Services

SKYPARTY provides consulting service in research, design, simulation and supervision of aviation project including airport planning, airport operation, airport lighting, airport system, airport equipment, airport security, web system, etc.

Airport planning

Master plan of airport, selection of airport location, demand prediction (forecast), study of aircraft maneuvering.
In the planning, it is considerred not only the standard capacity for predicted values but also the capacity using simulation.

Security system & equipment, airport arrangement, airline operation at airport, passenger process, etc.
We provide the professional assessment by our experts who have experience of airport operation and will carry out various support for KAIZEN.
And we have a experience of perfect A-CDM with our team member, we can provide consulting from master plan of Airport / Terminal CDM to operative support. This includes process analysis for airport operation

Design simulation and calculation

Carrying out sample calculations based on client individual requirements is one of our core competencies. Our operational know-how and the insights from providing long-standing support to our clients mean we can offer a practice-oriented perspective.

Airport civil engineering

Plan creation, runway, taxi way, basic facility design, supervising, evaluation of the pavement, evaluation of IRI & PRI. We also offer a variety of services such as ground improvement, ground subsidence analysis, structural design of marginal states, evaluation and prediction of pavement surface conditions.

Airport terminal equipment engineering

Design of Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB), Baggage Handling System (BHS), Common Use Of Terminal Equipment (CUTE), Flight Information Display System (FIDS), Management Information System (MIS), Airport Operational Data Base (AODB), Public Announcement System (PAS), etc.
We will also implement introduction, training, operation support and assessment of A-CDM system in cooperation with operation support service.

Airport electrical & mechanical system engineering and AGL engineering

Design of electrical and mechanical system of airport such as: power distribution, electronic system, HVAC, fire protection, plumbing sytem, and design of Airport Ground Lighting.

Airport security engineering

Design of security process for passenger, staff, baggage at airport.
We also perform assessment of queuing countermeasure at security checkpoint and preliminary evaluation simulation.